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  • babolat-rpm-blast

    Babolat RPM Blast


    Featuring a sleek two tone black and white color, Babolat RPM Dual is the most durable member of the RPM family. This is because Babolat adds a titanium co- polyester material to the original recipe for greater resistance to abrasion.

  • technifibre-black-code-4s

    Tecnifibre Black Code 4S


    Black is Back! With Black Code 4S, Tecnifibre gives big hitters a durable co-poly with MASSIVE spin potential, impressive tension maintenance and great feel (especially for a firm monofilament). Boasting a square profile and sharp edges, this string puts a very tight grip on the ball.

  • volkl_cyclone_black

    Volkl cyclone


    Gauge: 16 1.30mm

    Length: 12m

    Construction: Co-polymer Monofilament

    Color: Black

  • wilson-synthetic-gut-power

    Wilson synthetic gut power


    Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a solid core synthetic gut string with high energy wraps for a livelier response.