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  • babolat-synthetic-gut

    Babolat Synthetic Gut


    Composition: Polyamide

    Construction: Multifilament

    Gauge: 1.25mm ,1.30mm or 1.35mm

    Colour: Natural

  • gamma-synthetic-gut

    Gamma synthetic gut


    An all-around performance string that offers a balance of playability and durability for all playing levels and styles

  • prince-synthetic-gut

    Prince Synthetic Gut


    Prince Synthetic Gut w/Duraflex is one of the most popular strings ever made. This one offers great comfort along with an impressive level of all-around playability.

  • tecnifibre-synthetic-gut-1-25

    Tecnifibre synthetic gut


    Provides good performance for players on a limited budget or for stingers looking for a reliable consistent branded tennis string.

  • volko-cyclen-classic-synthetic-gut

    Volkl Classic Synthetic Gut


    Volkl Classic Synthetic Gut offers excellent all-around playability and decent durability. Boasting a lower than average stiffness rating, this string is perfect for players in search of a lively, more comfortable synthetic gut. Great as a full set or in a hybrid.


  • wilson-synthetic-gut-power

    Wilson synthetic gut power


    Wilson Synthetic Gut Power is a solid core synthetic gut string with high energy wraps for a livelier response.