Turnaround time:

We offer a 24-hour turnaround on all restrings.

We open from Monday to Saturday: 10am to 6pm


Collection and Delivery fee:

Our collection fee: Free ( we only accept order within 6 miles)

or You are welcome to bring your racket to our office.

Our address: 10 Brunwick Quay SE16 7PY.

Our contact:Henry  07702447486.

Restring from £ 16.00 per racquet ( with your own string)

Please click on “book your collection” at homepage for all available string options and prices.


Collection and Delivery Time:

After :7pm

Note: All booking made after 6pm will be collect the day after and the booking made on Sunday will be collect after 7pm on Monday. Sorry for your inconvenient!




How to book your collection

Simply click on “Book your collection

Choose your string and add to Cart

Finally fill up your detail and it all done

Our confirmation email will be sent to you shortly


Synthetic Gut – all round playability.
Monofilament – control & durability.
Multifilament – power & feel.
Natural Gut – power & feel.
Hybrid – different strings in mains and crosses


We only accept cash on delivery, sorry for your inconvenient!